Materials and Assembly Lab
for Energy and Environmental Applications

Materials for Ionic Applications

The harvesting of electrical energy, signal transmission systems, and mechanically operatable devices are developed using the behavior movement of ions.

1.Blue energy harvesting and water-treatment :

We generate electrical energy by using the evaporation of water as a clean energy source. Novel, highly porous membranes are designed for this emerging hydro-voltaic technology. In addition, we are studying a new technology to produce clean water by a combination of our porous membranes and heat-generating elements.

2.Artificial nerve system :

Similar to the nervous system in the human body, we transfer the electrical and chemical signals by using our ionic cables, which are applicable in robotics, electronic devices, and wearable platform.

3.Actuators :

Ionic actuators are studied, operated under specific conditions, such as light, temperatures, and pressures.

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